Kimberly Liu

Clinical Psychologist Senior Consultant

About Me

" God, Grant me, the serenity to accept the thing I cannot change, the courage to change the thing I can change, and wisdom to separate the difference. " ~Serenity Prayer

If you want to learn how to separate the difference between can change or cannot change and want to know how to change, you can try to work with me. Let's find the right way to resolve your problems.

I am senior psychologist and work with clients of various mental disorders including psychosis disorder, depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorders, insomnia etc. I also provides psychological services for individuals and families who have challenges with emotional management, school refusal, parenting challenges, and marital conflict.


Chinese Mandarin

Service(s) Offered

Online Session


Mood Disorders

Abnormal changes in mood, including depression and bipolar disorder


Difficulty falling or staying asleep

School Refusal

Difficulty attending school due to anxiety or other issues

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Intrusive thoughts and repetitive behaviors

Learning Difficulties

Conditions that affect cognitive abilities

Therapeutic Approach

Couple Therapy

This approach helps couples explore and address issues in their relationship, with a goal of improving communication and strengthening their bond. The therapist helps each partner express their needs and feelings, while facilitating productive dialogue and conflict resolution strategies.

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (MBCT)

This approach combines cognitive behavioural techniques with mindfulness practices to help clients develop greater awareness and acceptance of their thoughts and emotions. The therapist helps clients cultivate a non-judgmental and curious attitude towards their experience, leading to improved mental health outcomes.

Biofeedback Therapy for Anxiety and Insomnia

This approach uses physiological monitoring and feedback to help clients learn to regulate their physical responses to stress and anxiety. The therapist teaches clients relaxation and breathing techniques, and provides feedback on how their body responds to these strategies.

Emotional Regulation Training

This approach teaches clients techniques to manage and regulate intense emotions, such as anger or anxiety. The therapist helps clients identify triggers and develop coping strategies to effectively manage their emotional responses.


This approach uses hypnosis to help clients access and reprogram unconscious patterns of behaviour and thought. The therapist guides the client into a trance state, allowing them to access deeper levels of awareness and facilitate change.

Play Therapy

This approach uses play and other expressive techniques to help children explore and express their feelings and experiences. The therapist creates a safe and supportive environment for the child to work through emotional or behavioural difficulties.

Education & Credential

Master in Clinical Psychology, National Cheng Kung University(Taiwan)
Malaysia Society of Clinical Psychology (MSCP) Registered Clinical Psychologist (CP1-0173)
National Qualified Clinical Psychologist (Certificate No. 000123) in Taiwan
Certificate of Attachment (U of Minnesota, USA)
National Guild of Hypnosis (American) License
Member of Member Sociality Clinical Psychologist
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